Mozilla “Boot To Gecko” Devices Could Ship Late 2012

A smartphone running an operating system that has been developed by the makers of the popular Firefox browser could go on sale as early as late 2012 according to recent reports.

The handsets, which have been long awaited following the announcement back in mid-2011 and which will run Mozilla’s Boot To Gecko (B2G) software, will launch in Brazil on the Telefonica Vivo network.

The Mozilla B2G device will be in direct competition with another famous Open Source developed mobile OS, Google’s Android, and will run web applications based on HTML5 to continue in Mozilla’s history of strictly adhering to web standards

Mozilla also confirmed earlier this year that along with Telefonica Vivo, they were working with German outfit, Deutsche Telekom, to develop their B2G OS. It seems good progress has been made on this project since we originally featured the it back in July 2011.

It remains to be seen whether B2G can succeed where WebOS failed and bring an Open Source alternative to Android to the market place with the polish and features to give the Mountain View giant a run for their money.

One thing is for certain, we expect interesting things from the Mozilla Foundation in months to come.

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