Mozilla to create their own smartphone OS ?

Mozilla to create their own smartphone OS ?We’ve got Android, Windows Phone and Apple iOS. However, another OS could be joining the list with Mozilla developing “Boot to Gecko” or B2G.

It seems that Mozilla want to build their own OS with bits of Android and their own code. The intention, from what we can gather, is to build an OS which fires straight into a web platform – apps will be web-based and there won’t be any need to open a browser to run them.

Although this is in the early stages of development Mike Shaver, VP of Technical Strategy at Mozilla, has stated …

Our intention is not to ship Android, any more than Android ships Linux.

We don’t feel that we can integrate as deeply as we want on stock
Android, for purposes of this project’s goals. We don’t want to have
a browser next to the apps, we want to have the apps built with the
web platform, including the system apps like the launcher and the
dialer and SMS app and even the app manager/market itself.

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Credit – BBC News and Marc Holmes

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  • This will be interesting. Lets hope that network providers keep on top of adding new cell towers and ensure that we all have decent data coverage on our phones. Otherwise im not sure how this would work? Not being able to make a phone call because you have no internet connection?

    Or having everything in the browser so it just works? mmm will be keeping my eye on this.

  • Gm3

    ok to a new os, but everything webbased sounds silly. many apps work standalone.
    plus a cross market compatible phone would be great like one that runs android apps, maybe an iOS virtual machine for their apps.