Orange Samsung Galaxy SII customers to get Ice Cream Sandwich tomorrow

Orange Samsung Galaxy SII customers to get Ice Cream Sandwich tomorrow

It looks like the full set is almost complete, Orange have announced via their Orange Helpers Twitter and Facebook accounts that the Android 4.0 update will start rolling out via Kies tomorrow, Friday the 20th of April. This only leaves T-Mobile customers without any official way to leave Gingerbread behind as we reported yesterday that Unbranded devices could also update. We assume T-Mobile won’t be far behind however.

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  • Beaker656

    and T-Mobile says they can have it 2013

    • Atmorris

      It’s a cop out anyway as Orange have only released ICS for the non NFC version aka GT-9100 and not the actual one there selling which is the GT-9100P… and according to the @orangehelpers twitter account they dont know when it will be released, a lot of unhappy people.

      • Robroy

        no s** thats why my Galaxy wont upgrade….had Samsung working on it too….:-(

  • From what I’ve seen so far, thanks to touch whizz it’ll be “meet the new os- same as the old os”

    I guess fluidity and consistency is a good thing though. Why fix it if it’s not broken? (assuming you like/don’t mind tw).

  • Note now please!  I’ve been such a good boy, patiently waiting…

  • Danno1234

    mine is the  GT-9100 supplied from orange last year and upgraded to ICS over the air at the weekend. Took an hour but works really well. Not much of a change. A lot of the installed App’s upgraded a few minutes after and all seems to be well.