Samsung rolling out Ice Cream Sandwich for Unbranded Galaxy SII’s

It’s been a bit of a wait but now owners of unbranded Samsung Galaxy SII’s can get their hands on some Ice Cream Sandwich goodness. The update is available through Kies and we recommend updating to the newest version beforehand.

The update also comes with some improvements to the Touchwiz interface and once you’ve done the update you’ll have access to some Android 4.0 exclusive apps, like Chrome.

This only leaves Orange and T-Mobile customers left behind on getting the upgrade, they claim that the update is “Pending” so hopefully you wont have to wait too long.

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  • Scott

    My UK  unbranded SG2nupdated mid day yesterday  Ver 4.0.3 Build IML74K.XWLP :-)

    • John Molyneux

      LP what?  If you look at sammobile you’ll see that there was a generic “release” of LPQ (the latest version) quite a while ago, but LP7 seems to be being pushed to devices at the minute, and that’s quite old and has more bugs.

      • Dave

        HI – I got my update last night after updating Kies (unbranded, sim free).  Upgrade failed mid way through firt time, but luckily completed on the second pass.  My build is IML74k.XWLP7.  Noticed the camera function has crashed a couple of times just trying to view a photo, but no other obvious bugs.  Mind you the battery emptied after about 3 hours from full.  dunno what happened there…?

  • Simon Springett

    Updated my Vodafone branded S2 on Monday and I am having issues with Hancent and Whatsapp notifications not always coming thro’, anyone else experiencing this?