HTC One V Overview

HTC One V Overview

Look what’s just arrived here in Coolsmartphone HQ. It’s the HTC One V, complete with chin.

We couldn’t wait to show you this, so I packed it into the car and went for a drive in the country. You might have seen the results of my one-handed camera action yourself and this one is hot off the presses – uploaded across my little dongle.


We’ll have some more pictures online shortly, but you can already see the shots we took during Mobile World Congress.

Link – Up close with the HTC One V

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  • Moo Moo Head

    It looks like an interesting device and could grab a nice share of the midrange market, however, I do not like the chin, it looks like someone left it next to a heater or out in the sun and it has shrivelled up….

  • Pauly4

    Reminiscent of my Hero which I’ve only just given up in the last week or so and already missing! A winner  for me is the microSD slot – not including them is a bit of a cop out.  It always surprises me the cost of flash memory if you buy it embedded into an iPhone – I hope that trend isn’t going to be reflected in HTC and other ANDROID devices ongoing.

    • SnarlingRabbit

      It also seems that the limit on built in memory is 32gb.