ASUS opens registrations for Transformer Prime GPS dongle

When the Transformer Prime launched there were a lot of complaints about poor GPS signal and as a result, ASUS have decided to release a GPS dongle that can be added to the device to improve the signal. ASUS announced yesterday on twitter that registrations were now open and the dongle will be free.

Land of Droid also posted this picture, which they say is an engineering sample, so the final attachment might vary slightly

ASUS opens registrations for Transformer Prime GPS dongle


If you’ve got a Transformer Prime and you register for the dongle, we’d love to hear your feedback on it either in the comments below or via the contact page at the top of the site.

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  • Martin

    Well, it would be great to get something free, problem is the registration webpage is not accepting my serial number :(
    However, if I go to the normal product support page and put the serial number in it accepts it and tells me it is a TF201.
    A tad frustrating at the mo :(

    • Lee Marshall

      It took me a few attempts to get it too work. 

      Check that you are not confusing letters with numbers as well.

      • Martin

         I tried with all combination of numbers and letters!
        When I got home I tried again and it worked, hopefully a dongle will be winging its way towards me soon :)