Galaxy S2 receives an update on Orange

Galaxy S2 receives an update on Orange

We’ve had a mail in from Roger Matthews after he spotted an update for his Orange-branded Samsung Galaxy S2. Unfortunately it’s not the ICS update but just a tweak to Android 2.3.6.

Let us know if you’ve received the update and what changes you have noticed.

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  • Danno1234hero

    2.3.4 is my current version.. Wonder what orange have in store pre ICS. Wouldnt surprise me if Orange says this is it..

  • Chris Merriman

    I have heard it said that the ROM is ready – the problem is that they can’t get ICS to play nicely with their Swappables service. How true this is, I don’t know.

  • Merlinuk

    Not a great deal of difference. The main problem was Kies messing up the phone. And then spending 2 hours to get it working again. If ICS turns up I can only imagine what that will do..

  • Alan For

    I have my orange galaxy s2 using the nordic ICS. everything working fine, my swappables are working fine too. Can’t understand why orange haven’t released an ICS update yet. Anyway use odin to flash the nordic ICS, its English and haven’t had a single problem with it plus the bonus is you don’t have all of the orange bloatware however if you still want to use their Your Oraange app, Orange wednesday etc you can still download them from google apps and use as normal

  • My battery life has completely gone from a push a day and a half to barely 7 hours!!!

  • Rottitera

    I got the 2.3.6 update 4 days ago..initially i thought it was ICS…….originally i was running 2.3.5 so can only presume 2.3.6 is required to install ICS…….Whenever Orange manage to pull their socks up and push it out is another matter at tho mo !!! ……..There was a few differences i noticed……the home screens will now continue scrolling in a loop ……the browser is marginally quicker…..the swype keyboard has a couple of little tweaks and the OS altogether appears to be running slicker…no real difference to the battery life but then again i’m using an 1850 Mah battery not the original 1650 Mah battery which gives me an extra 2-3 hours which is keeping me going all day without charging