Did you get your Lumia 800 battery boosting software update?

The other week I got all excited because Nokia had created a website which detailed when you would be able to get the latest update for your Nokia Lumia 800. The excitement didn’t last long as I realised it was being left to the networks to decide when to “allow” users to update their devices. Which was rather annoying. It’s like being on Android all over again. As usual T-Mobile UK were the slowest to allow the update.

Well last night I plugged my Lumia 800 into my pc to do my daily check of whether the fabled battery boosting update would be available and lo and behold it was available. The excitement had returned. Even though the Nokia website I mentioned still says waiting for approval. So whether I was just lucky or Nokia haven’t updated. But who cares now.

All of this got me thinking. How many people have actually bothered checking for updates? It is not like your device announces there is an update and tells you to go to your computer quickly. Even though Windows Phone does has these options in the settings menu. I have never had a Windows Phone alert me an update is available. I guess the updates and the update checker on the device aren’t talking to each other correctly.

I know a LOT of Android type people get VERY cross about software updates and only recently has this phenomenon started to affect Windows Phone. What with the Mango update being delayed the networks and now this. I guess Apple have the ideal software update model. No network interference. It’s available almost as soon as it’s announced. Imagine if Android updates were available that quickly.

Take a look around you now, how many people have smartphones? How many of them care about whether their phone has the latest update? How many of them know what Zune is?

Well anyway if you have a Lumia 800 have you recently searched for an update in Zune?  According to the Nokia website most UK devices should now be able to get the update, so what are you waiting for. Better battery life awaits you.

Did you get your Lumia 800 battery boosting software update?