Draw Something tops 50 million downloads – hailed as “fastest-growing mobile game of all time”

The runaway success of drawing game Draw Something was illustrated today by a Zynga statement, with claims the app has been downloaded 50 million times in 50 days – it doesn’t take a maths genius to work out that’s a million downloads a day. Impressive stats indeed. Zynga, which recently bought Draw Something creators OMGPOP for a reported $180 million, announced “We believe it’s not only the fastest-growing original mobile game of all time – 50 days to hit 50 million downloads — but one of the fastest growing web sensations that we’ve seen.”

Draw Something tops 50 million downloads   hailed as fastest growing mobile game of all time

Draw Something, which is available on iOS and Android devices, currently tops the App Store’s lists of Top Paid Apps, Top Free Apps and Top Grossing Apps. Its simple concept and social aspect have been a near-overnight hit, with more than six billion drawings created so far. Whether it has the longevity to sustain such figures is uncertain – I’m already hearing stories of drawing fatigue from friends – but it seems, for now, Zynga has a lot to shout about.