A status update, and a massive competition.

A status update, and a massive competition.Morning all. I’ve been writing on this site for 10 years now and, I’ve got to confess, the last few hours has been amazing and shocking in equal measures. Our main problem is that our “unlimited” bandwidth didn’t turn out to be quite so “unlimited” after all. We’ll be changing provider because we don’t want this happening again, but we’re currently stuck in a contract and have until Friday to sort this out. The news, so far, is good. We’re almost half-way there thanks to all your donations on Tuesday. A MASSIVE thank-you to all of those who contributed towards this yesterday.

First up, I want to thank everyone for contributing. It’s really, really appreciated. The surge of donations, messages of goodwill and offers of support… it’s just been amazing and so heart-warming. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve asked our friends in PR and networks to offer up some prizes. The response from these guys has been stunning as you’ll see below.

Before I mention the prizes, I want to let you know that everyone who donated before this post will automatically get entered twice. This is because you lovely people handed over your hard-earned cash without any promise of prizes or even getting entered into a competition at all. You donated purely to stop us falling off the internet on Friday, and I can hardly put into words how appreciative I am. Really, I’m utterly stunned.

So, onto the competition. If you donate, you’ll get entered into the competition. Simple as. Of course, we’d love you to promote us on Twitter or Facebook too. If nothing else, the past 24 hours has shown me just how utterly fantastic the community is. You guys are brilliant and it’s great to know you care so much about us.

I’ve seen such a massive response to our problems, but it’s got me thinking. If we do hit the magic figure to keep us online, there’s no real reason for us to stop. I say that because we can then start giving money to charity. So, if we hit our total, we’ll split any extra cash between the Air Ambulance and, because a good friend has been touched by this recently, Cancer Research UK. I’ve also had a promise from my work colleagues that they’ll ride for charity in floral dresses if we can generate them some cash for Douglas Macmillan Hospice.

So, the prizes. We’re getting more prizes offered via email right now so I’ll update this list through today. The competition will end on Friday April 6th. Currently we have…

10 HTC Mozart handsets – Courtesy of HTC and Nelson Bostock

3 HTC Explorer handsets – Courtesy of HTC and Nelson Bostock

4 HTC EVO 3D handsets – Courtesy of HTC and Nelson Bostock

4 HTC TITAN handsets – Courtesy of HTC and Nelson Bostock

3 HTC Sensation handsets – Courtesy of HTC and Nelson Bostock

2 Vodafone Sure Signals – Courtesy of Mike from Vodafone

Any phone from the O2 Range – You choose – Courtesy of O2

A T-Mobile Vivacity – Courtesy of T-Mobile

That’s 25 phones and two femtocells ! Pretty good going so far, I’m sure you’ll agree. I’m going to try and get more as a way of saying thank-you for being there in our hour of need. :)

A status update, and a massive competition.
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  • Lee

    Excellent news! This site and your in car shaky reviews ;) are the reason I got my HTC Hero many years ago and have been a regular visitor since. Air Ambulance is a great idea they do an amazing job.  Keep up the good work.

  • Richard Hogarth

    Found another couple of quid in my wallet so donated that to go with yesterday’s. Keep up the good work, all the best

  • Anonymous

    donated again saw i had a few extra pounds in my bank every little helps  :)

  • Anonymous

    another way to help – if you use an ad blocker, add coolsmartphone to the whitelist.

  • Martin

    I’ve donated, been reading here since the SPV500, can’t see the site dissappear :(

  • Ryan Niblett

    A Tenner on its way to you. Keep up the good work. 

  • Adam Bowie

    Long time reader. Donation sent.

  • Moo Moo Head

    Moonies sent, hope it goes all ok

  • Paul

    Donation on its way, hope it helps. Couldn’t imagine the internet without this site, its my first point of call every day :)

  • Pete

    Donated and Facebooked! Good luck Gears! :)

  • John Molyneux

    Man this competition is expensive :p

    I just had a windfall so have some more dosh.  Good luck on sorting this once and for all, Leigh.

  • Matt Peddlesden

    Donation made.  Keep up the great work Leigh.

  • Martyn Hickman

    Good luck guys, nobody should be the victims of their own sucess. Always enjoy the well balanced view that this site gives.

  • Andrew Holding

    Donation sent Gears mate. The site is the number one reference point for anything mobile related and the first place I check if I need a review. Hope you can raise enough to feed through to the charities too, but survival is essential for all who regularly view the site.

    Good luck pal.

  • James Boggust

    Just donated £6. Sorry its not much, but its the best I can do at the moment. Lets hope we smash the target and give some of this cash to charity, whilst ensuring coolsmartphone lives on.

  • Steve

    Donated. Not a lot, but to coin a phrase, “Every little helps!”

  • I just donated £10, I’ve been a reader for a while now & all your expert advise has came in handy when upgrading my phone, without this site I would know very little about current smartphones.

  • Donated to you mate.  Keep up the good work.

  • Donation sent Leigh.  Keep up the good work!

  • Times are tough right now but given what I can. Been here since getting the Orange C500. Oh how times have changed!

  • Donation £10 sent buddy ;)  hope it helps.

  • James Boggust

    Just realised I have checked your site 5 times today already, and enjoyed reading the stories! Already donated previously, but in you hour of need though £1 per visit would be appreciated. Not a lot, but I hope it keeps you afloat!!

  • Anonymous

    Donated £10. :)

    Keep up the great work. 

  • I did donate £25 a few days ago…. hope you can pay the bills!