Is the HTC One X the Android you’re looking for?

Is the HTC One X the Android youre looking for?

So, the HTC One X has officially exploded into the Android world.

This post isn’t an in depth review of it, Dan has posted an excellent one here. It’s my view of what really matters now that it’s here.

After months of speculation, leaked photos, doctored spec sheets and more than a little misdirection from HTC themselves, the HTC One range of Android phones has emerged.

The HTC One X is quite literally The One. A massive Android phone that is aimed squarely at Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus, and not at the Apple iPhone.

HTC never actually came out and said it, but it was rumoured that having the lauded rights to produce the official Google Nexus phones taken away and given to Samsung was a bit of a blow.

Since then Samsung have taken huge chunks out of HTC’s market share, and have become more of a threat to them than Apple.

Now, it seems, HTC have turned their guns on Samsung. Forget the iPhone. As far as the HTC One X is concerned, it doesn’t care for the puny screen and dull old iOS of the iPhone 4S. It would quite happily knee Siri in the groin, but couldn’t be bothered. No. The HTC One X has picked a fight with the ultimate Android smartphone, and it has the weapons it needs to hold its own.

Until today, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus was the phone to have if your pockets were deep enough or obsession with Android smartphones great enough. Now there are some serious decisions to be made.

However, awesome as both phones are, I think in the end it’s going to be four things that sway people’s decisions:

1. Speed. The Galaxy Nexus can’t compete when it comes to sheer number crunching, however, I’ve been using one for four months and I can tell you that in the real world it is still seriously impressive. So, you can choose from extremely quick or incredibly quick.

2. Screen. Resolution & contrast figures mean a lot here, but this decision can only be made by your eyes. Look at them side by side and forget the stats.

3. Looks. Both phones are stunningly well designed. If you like your phones sleek & understated you’ll plump for the Nexus in this category. If you like a more outgoing look then the One X takes it.

4. Being on the leading edge of Android development. This is where the One X will divide opinion most in the hardcore Android world. HTC phones all run a skin and launcher called Sense. This takes the stock Android ROM and transforms it into an HTC experience, with funky graphics and customised functionality, whereas the Galaxy Nexus is a pure, thoroughbred Android phone. Just as Google wanted. As such, the Nexus will always get the latest updates & bug fixes first, sometimes months ahead of phones running Sense. So, do you like Sense? If so, do you like it enough to put up with being slightly behind the state of the Android art? Tough call.

So, go to your local mobile phone store, have a good play with both phones and ponder over the points I’ve made, because no matter what else you love or hate about the two handsets, these four things are the deal makers.

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