The Oona – Lick it, stick it !

So, we reviewed The Oona recently and filmed a hands-on video. However, we pretty much ruined the original video so I set about re-filming it today. The result is below but I wanted to see just how versatile this stand actually is.

The Oona is a pretty unique customizable stand which you can switch around with suction cups or a stand. It then sticks to your phone with the help of another suction cup.

They told me to “lick it” before I “stick it”. Always good advice for a number of circumstances that.

So I did, going round finding out where I could plonk the phone, just to see what the stand could do.

Here then is the usual “hands-on” video and a rather extensive “let’s see where you can stick it” video.. 🙂 You can buy it from the lovely people at Mobi-city for £24.95.