Enjoying the extra 23GB Dropbox space? Don’t get comfy..

Enjoying the extra 23GB Dropbox space? Dont get comfy..

If you’re a regular reader and follow our lovely Twitter feed, you’ll know about the 23GB of extra storage that became possible thanks to a rather naughty tweak by XDA-developers. A slightly modified Dropbox APK file tweaked things so that the Dropbox servers thought you were using a new HTC One series phone, and promptly delivered lots of extra space.

We reported recently that the loophole had been closed, but now it looks like Dropbox will be turning the extra storage off for those rascals (including me) who managed to wangle some extra space “illegitimately”.

A Dropbox dude has posted the following response in their own forum

The official Dropbox 23GB HTC promotion will not start until sometime early this month, when the devices are released. To earn the extra 23GB of extra Dropbox space you will need to link your HTC Sense 4.0 device to your Dropbox account and complete “Get Started.”

The method to earn 23GB that is being circulated on the XDA Developers forum and on other blogs and forums is illegitimate. We plan to remove any space received using this method.

Downloading apps from unknown sources is not a good idea, as they might have been modified to include malicious code. We strongly recommend that you only install the Android Dropbox app via Google Play (formerly known as the the Android Market) or from official download links on Dropbox.com.

Link – Dropbox Forum
Credit – Sanguine

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  • Tut tut….. im waiting for Skydrive but tbh im really warey of my data been on line now….. not because of security but the way team usa and others have been he even lagitimate data may be classed as infringing or put at risk…..

    • Tkon

      You could check out Spideroak. Your data is encrypted with the password you use for the service, which they don’t store, so its impossible for them to access your data (as long as your password is strong enough).

      If you use the below referral link, you’ll get an extra free GB of storage:

      • Tkon, I used spider oak last year and I found it generally
        less desirable than other options.  Also
        the pw/encryption key is only part of the puzzle, the other being the type and
        level of encryption used.  I think Terran’s
        concern was more about online storage providers being targeted for the content
        uploaded by its users. 



        Incidentally, how do they authenticate your account if they don’t
        store your password?

  • Steve

    Odd. I’ve just had my quota reduced, but not by 23GB, but by 21.75GB…

    • Anonymous

      they increased the amount you received from referrals 

  • Daniel Meah

    Confirmed. My data is now back at 2.5GB :(