HTC One X in stock, but…

HTC One X in stock, but...

Well James. We used to like you. You were our friend once, but now you’re dangling the HTC One X in front of us but, due to an embargo, we can’t get it until April 4th.

If you’ve ordered one (for £497.98) then you only have to wait until Wednesday, so that’s not too bad. Until then James has sent these tempting shots from his desk at Grrr… (shakes fist)..

Look! There’s boxes and boxes and boxes of them! Droool….

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HTC One X in stock, but...

HTC One X in stock, but...

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  • Andrew_xlb

    aaaaarrrrrghhh, i really want one!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

  • Craig

    I’m happy with my Galaxy Nexus but I’d love some “Beats By Dre” love on it :)

  • no beats earphones? cost cutting rubbish

  • Lee Marshall

    I used one at a launch event a few weeks ago. Great phone with an awesome screen but i preferred the one S back over the Xs polycarbonate. Still buying one the first day i can get one though.