An elephant and a Samsung Galaxy Note. Yes, really..

Samsung have now shifted 5 million Galaxy Notes. To celebrate there’s this video of an elephant using one.

Yes. An elephant. A ruddy great big flippin’ elephant.

I know..

Sure, this is a viral thing and it’s designed to sell more Samsung kit, but heck, it’s a bloomin ELEPHANT… People apparently thought that this was faked, so the Samsung people have included some out-takes just prove it’s authenticity.

Link – Galaxy Note Review
Credit – Looeee

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  • “This advert was edited from over 800 hours of filming and used over 400 bananas especially grown to look like the Galaxy Note.”  Probably :P
    Is it just me or does that ollyphant look happy?I know I am happy with my note!(Even if it does freeze a lot after the recent update)

    • Anonymous

      How the hell do you grow a banana that lools like a Galaxy Note?!?!?!??
      Leigh Geary (Gears)

      • Asking the wrong person, I dont work for Samsung!