Activate the Galaxy SII “Driving Mode” in a snap

Activate the Galaxy SII Driving Mode in a snap

No, the “Driving Mode” on the Galaxy SII will NOT magically steer your car to work whilst you have a doze in the back seat. What it can do is read out notifications and calls that arrive while you drive. Oh, I’m a poet and didn’t know it.

It’s buried deep, deep down in the settings screens. A shame really, because it really is jolly useful indeed (pip, pip). Those wizards at XDA-developers have sorted that issue out though, with member “hirak99” adding this quick-flick widget for you to download. It’ll make activating / deactivating easier, so you can turn it on before your journey and then amaze your passengers as the phone / car talks to you.

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  • Craig

    I’ve often wondered about this type of application use in car.  I use a Bluetooth head unit in my car (built in thankfully) so calls are not an issue.  Most droids don’t have the required protocol for my car to allow the reading of emails/SMS so that’s a no go…but anything else….is it really required?

  • Andrew

    Or alternatively double press on the home button and driving mode is within the speech control menu

  • ItemSize

    Let’s just put our hands up and state the bleeding obvious.  It’s still not as good as Siri and never will be.

  • KandyKane

    DO NOT ACTIVATE DRIVING MODE!!!! Once you activate it, it will always be running, even though you shut it off. Your SG2 will start to randomly flash on and off, the driving mode will flash in the upper corner, it will make your apps blip on and off, it will cause your phone to randomly go into speaker mode and off again when you are talking, it will cause your browser to crash, then activate it again, then crash again, and it will cause your phone to beep like the battery is dying, then beep on and off, on and off, on and off for hours while it’s on the charger while never actually charging.
    Driving mode CANNOT be uninstalled once you activate it. You WILL be stuck with these issues until you finally get frustrated enough to do a factory reset…or get a new phone.