Is poor battery life a price worth paying for free apps?

Is poor battery life a price worth paying for free apps?

Recently we published an article about how most of the power usage of free Android apps actually goes towards displaying the ads. Angry Birds, for example, apparently uses “70% of it’s power draw to upload information and download ads”. Presumably it’s an even higher percentage for other less intensive apps which don’t actually tax hardware that much.

Now personally, if I use an app a lot, I’d rather pay for it. Both to compensate the developer and to get rid of the ads which, frankly, just annoy me. That’s before even considering battery life. This news would just make me even more likely to pony up the cash for an ad free version of an app. I’m still waiting to find an Android phone which lasts more than a day on a single charge and battery life is too precious for me to be wasting on ads.

Now, I don’t have the figures to back this up, but there does seem to be a general consensus that Android users are less willing to pay for apps than those on iOS. I spend plenty of money in both app stores but I’d love to know how our readers feel about this matter. So would  you rather have free apps, or better battery life?

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  • mufc67

    Free applications and on my rooted phone I block the ads anyway . I get a day and a half on my XE running Elegancia ICS custom Rom with Sense 3.6 . 
      Personally I wouldn’t pay for an application when there is a free one available hence I’d never go anywhere near an I-Phone . I don’t play games which seem to be the main source of paid applications on Android . I’ve never found anything that I’m so desperate to have that I need the paid version anyway .  

    • Guest

      So basically you steal the apps. You download a free app then stop the developer getting any income from displaying the ads which made it free in the first place.

  • Ravi, I admit I have neither, but it does make you think carefully as to what apps you want and what price you are willing to pay for the inconvenience of  recharging batteries on a regular basis! I’m due an upgrade shortly and have heard many great things about android phones and apps. What wouuld you recommend? I need good access to internet for Soc. Ntwrkg as well as browsing sites and usual email responses etc for work when out and about but won’t have time always to keep battery charged! Can sometimes go next day before charging availability.

    • Anonymous


      Sorry for the late reply. There are a number of great phone out right now. If you’re looking at Android, the HTC One X or One S are the newest and shiniest and both are pretty fantastic. If you can wait a little longer the Galaxy S3 should be out in a month or two and is likely to be awesome? 

      Are you not considering an iPhone?

      • Thanks Ravi!  I’m not in a rush so I’ll keep my eye out for the S3.  Mind you I’m still tempted by the iPhone!

        • Anonymous

          The 4S is a great phone. I just don’t think it’s worth the price relative to what you can get on Android for quite a bit less.