Rovio change their minds

Earlier on today we reported that Rovio the developer behind the recently released Angry Birds Space weren’t going to make a version for Windows Phone. I felt a little saddened by this not because I couldn’t play it on my new Lumia, but more that one of the biggest games developer basically couldn’t see the point in making it. Well this afternoon a further development has cropped up.

Well Rovio Chief Executive Mikael Hed has told Reuters something totally contradictory to what Rovio’s CMO Peter Vesterbacka said earlier in the day, Mikael said “We are working towards getting Angry Birds Space to WP7,” he also added that “the launch date was not set”

Who would have guessed that Rovio would change their minds so qucikly this matter. Is it just a lack of communication? I doubt it. Is it Microsoft paying Rovio millions of dollars? Hmm maybe. Is Nokia involved? Hmm maybe.

Any way I feel it is good news and look forward to paying way more for it than any other platform. Oh hang on a minute I’ll just play it on my Galaxy Nexus instead.

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