Samsung Galaxy SII Ice Cream Sandwich – The details

Samsung Galaxy SII Ice Cream Sandwich   The details

Want to know more about the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Galaxy S2? A powerpoint slide, which has been converted to a PDF here, gives info on what to expect if you’ve not upgraded yours already. It’s not just the UI that’s changed, there’s stacks more, so dive in.

Link – Galaxy SII ICS Details

Completely real shot of the Galaxy SIII now online, honest.
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  • A Question Of Pride

    So… when do those of us in the US get this? Oh right, probably never.

  • Gregh34

    Anyone in the UK got this upgrade yet? SIM free phone and cannot find any updates…

    • Ogy58

      Got my official update ICS Ver 4.03 yesterday using kies

  • This has only been release on Three branded handsets so far. Many people on facebook and twitter very angry about this. Very poor service from samsung and this has made me never want a samsung product again

    • Az015

      its not samsung’s fault, its the networks

  • Ismail

    Samsung has disappointed us by delaying the ICS update.I will never buy another samsung product again . I am trying to sell my galaxy s@c129e6e65d064e1d53a8264f0557d909:disqus  now.At this rate samsung will never even be able to compete with iphone. I guess i will sell my s2 and but a iphone now .samsung customer service sucks .

  • Stephen Mackenzie

    any updates out for ics to fix bugs

  • guest

    Got my ICS for my TMobile USA last night via Kies.