New iPad on sale at T-Mobile, same price as old iPad 2

New iPad on sale at T Mobile, same price as old iPad 2T-Mobile have joined many other networks in announcing availability for the slightly different iPad 3 new iPad. It should be arriving in stores today, with T-Mobile promoting the fact that their joint Everything Everywhere network and “advanced 3.5G rollout” can offer much improved coverage and speeds. You can buy the white 32GB version for £279 and then pay £25 per month (for 2 years) for 1GB of data allowance plus another 1GB for use during “quiet time”, which T-Mobile define as between midnight and 10AM.

They’re offering up the 16GB and 32GB version in either black or white. Strangely the prices above are exactly the same if you decide to have the older iPad 2 instead.

Link – New iPad (T-Mobile

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