Don’t know how to text? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one

We get a few press releases and research results posted through our door here at Coolsmartphone towers. This one flashed up on our radar and well, we figured it was worth telling you about. The Geek Squad asked 1,837 people about their mobile phone usage and found that a whacking 10% of them didn’t know how the hell to send a text message. Another 20% didn’t know how to download an app and many were confused about tech jargon.

It seems that the Brits in question were really struggling to get to grips with their phones. 30% of men and 22% of men told researchers that they were “frustrated” and didn’t know how to use their phones properly. After the age of 35 things seem to get worse too, with “texting knowledge start(ing) to descend significantly”.

Other random stats picked up by this survey include nearly a quarter of people not knowing how to setup a PIN or password on their phones and 33% of people not knowing how to use voice activation. Another 20% admitted to never asking for help with their phone problems either.

The Geek Squad people do, of course, want me to point out that they’re on hand to help with these difficulties if you’re having problems with your phone. Link below.

Link – The Geek Squad