Cloud storage – Have you tried HiDrive?

You want online storage, you go to Dropbox, right? Well yes, you could, but there’s other providers to choose from. HiDrive free gives new users 5GB of storage and it’s all stored in super-secure datacentres in Germany that are owned and operated by Strato – the people behind the HiDrive service. The company also follows the ISO 27001 certification scheme, so you can be sure that your data isn’t going to go missing.

There’s easy sharing options, user administration and upload apps are available for Windows Phone, Android and iPad / iPhone users. Through the mobile app you can also create folders, share files and folders and much more.

If you’re already a user or you sign up now, there’s a chance of getting even more storage if you recommend the service to friends. If you need more storage they offer 100GB for €9.90 a month – that’s cheaper than Dropbox.

Link – HiDrive Free

Cloud storage   Have you tried HiDrive?

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  • daniel

    Livedrive is a good alternative too. thats £10 a month with 2TB (

  • Problem is despite the fact its probably a good service ( same for live drive ) I wont be using because team america seem to be doing things with services I’d never have expected. There are known DCMAs of approved content and content not owned by the company issuing the take down plus the way its going you could use a image or wording in your document that you wrote ( eg a reference or quote ) and next thing you know 2 swat teams are knocking your doors down at 4am ! And while I dont deny copy right theft goes on the response in the last 12 months has been totally wrong. For this reason I will never trust online services as a data store of any kind like this with my own content, I wont be alone in this either. T

    PS I might add the UK broad band is too slow for this……