Stop Motion – App Review

Stop motion is cool. <End of statement>.

We all appear to be transfixed whenever a stop motion production is realised, it lures us in with it’s time lapse photography and catchy background music…. why is that?

Well I thought I’d investigate, and in particular look at a fairly simple version from ‘graff’ called “Stop Motion


It’s very intuitive to get you up and running, select the time interval in seconds between each shot and start.

You can also add some very nice effects such as Noir, Sepia, Vintage Green and others to give you a specific look and feel from yesteryear should you so desire.

There is also an option to manually take frames at the press of a button, very handy if you’re moving jelly bears around a desk or building a lego set!

I used my iPhone 4 to capture a journey from my office back to my village just for giggles. And as you can see you can overlay a soundtrack and upload straight to FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter, flickr, e-mail to friends or simply store it on the camera role. Very versitile…

I’m going to give this app a big thumbs up, if not purely for the novelty aspect, then for the fun and usability.