Giffgaff – Have they turned a corner?

Want a mobile? The selection is insane. Want a plan? The choice is endless. MVNO’s – aka “virtual  networks that use other networks” are on the rise and they’re proving popular with those wanting a greater selection and less tie-ins.

The boys at Giffgaff who continuously surprise us with amazing SIM card deals are still feeling the love, despite their recent data changes. Their new advertising campaign, which we mentioned a few days back, compares those locked into contracts with battery hens. It even features Keith Harris and Orville… Oooh I hate that duck.

So, what’s been happening at Giffgaff? Well, after receiving a fair bit of criticism for slow responses and other issues they’re chucked £1.5 million into their systems and have added more call centre staff after a strong period of growth. From what we’re seeing, people are looking to cut costs by breaking out of contracts and switching to SIM-only plans that can offer better value for money. Without the mobile subsidy, plans start at just £10 for 250 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited web.

Here at Coolsmartphone we regularly use a Giffgaff SIM (which uses the O2 network) when testing handsets and perhaps the best part is the community, who chip in with advice, assistance and earn cash from recommendations.

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