giffgaff helping chickens get one step closer to being free range

GiffGaff are well known for providing sim cards with great rates and “unlimited” internet packages. The idea being you order the Sim which uses the O2 network, you top up every month and you get LOTS of minutes and text and some internet. All without having to worry about the whole contract thing.

A few days ago GiffGaff put a video on youTube highlighting the perils of two year contracts and the plight of chickens. So far it all sounds plausible.

The video has Keith Harris and Orville in it though. Rapping…

It’s all in a good cause though. Here is the accompanying text to the video

“giffgaff presents, an Unlock a phone. Unlock a chicken production, featuring K-Orville.

As a SIM only mobile network we don’t think you should be locked in to amobile contract. We don’t think chickens should be locked up either. So continuing our Unlock a phone. Unlock a chicken campaign we’re rehoming a battery hen for everyone who unlocks their phone and joins giffgaff. Now share the chicken love and start unlocking.

In support of Wood Green, The Animals Charity and their chicken rehoming program. No chickens were harmed in the making of this video, we just got them one step closer to a new free range home.”

Visit: for more info and to sign up for you bargain pay as you go sim.

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  • Lockey

    You don’t need this app, ICS has data usage built in, showing how much data each app is using and can also stop data being used on selected apps.

    PS. Really a Atrix as a upgrade, thats a year old phone!

    • ICS is only on a small percentage of Android phones, so most people would find this very helpful. 

      And yeah an Atrix as an upgrade, not everyone can afford bleeding edge phones. What’s the problem with it being a year old? It still puts out the same benchmark scores as phones being released today. 

  • photoREVERIE

    A common mistake seems to be spreading throughout the internet is that the Nexus is the only ICS device available. The Asus Transformer Prime is also an officially upgraded ICS device.

    The Chrome beta works excellently and has already become my main browser, with Dolphin there as backup. About time too Google.

    • Anonymous

      Totally forgot about the Transformer Prime. I was only really thinking of phones. The Xoom could also be mentioned if we’re talking tablets.

  • Sort of unrelated – anyone else notice the similarity of the Onavo task icon and the Avast! one!?!?

  • Did someone mention free chicks? Oh…

  • photoREVERIE

    Guess I’ve been lucky with mine then, no reboots at all. Only issue I have is that it sometimes forgets that the keyboard is attached.

  • SFS

    any ideas for replace this closing service ?
    especially I need something for SMS synchronization …