The Plea To Three

As a mobile network here in the UK, Three are the most vocal when it comes to social media but not only do they communicate with customers online they take the feedback and use it in a positive way.  For example when The One Plan launched on a rolling 1 month sim only plan instead of 12 months there was no option for tethering.

Everyone took to Twitter to complain and show their feelings on this and within 3 days the policy changed and now customers were allowed to tether!  This shows that when people have a voice it can make a difference and Three are listening.

So now comes a very public plea from myself to Three.  We know that the company watches the website and takes on board feedback we have and we have had a great relationship with the network for a while now even securing a free Nokia Lumia 800 to give away.

As a fan of the brand and a former employee I have seen lots of positive change within the company and that is great to see.  There are two points I would like to raise and hopefully readers will comment on their thoughts.

This is NOT a rant, more constructive feedback from a fan, a follower and a customer of a long time

Data Roaming

A few years ago Three changed the roaming market with an ideal package called 3LikeHome which meant if you were roaming in a country with a Three network and you used that network (Three Austria for example) then you can use your use as you were in the UK!.  Calls, Texts, Data it was just like being at ‘home’.  Unfortunately this service stopped over a year ago and despite being available on other Three networks around the world, the UK company stopped it but also has nothing in place to replace it!

We are heading out to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and current prices for data are £1.28 per MB… no packs available just a standard MB charge.  Now consider using a quick map on an Android phone for a single direction from the hotel to the event might cost around £3-£4!.

Looking at other networks, T-Mobile, O2, Vodafone and Orange all offer daily data packs for a set price from £1.50 for 15mb on O2 to 25mb a day free on certain Vodafone plans.  I would love to see data bundles available on Three soon even if enough to check a few emails and tweet friends and family whilst on a holiday.

Customer Services

Three have made a forward step with customer services by introducing @ThreeUKSupport on Twitter and let me just say that this team are FANTASTIC!.  However there are still many times you need to call 333 from your phone, especially as the twitter team are not available over the weekends and this is where things start to get really bad.  There are many mixed stories over the internet about 333 and the service given, unfortunately for the company there are far too many negative ones which is having an impact on the company reputation.

Here is a recent example from my own experience which has been fed back to Three to make sure others do not go through the same.  When looking to close my 15GB rolling sim contract down a week ago as there was no need for it due to recently taking out a 24 month One Plan contract giving me AYCE data with tethering there was no need for a modem deal costing me £16 a month so I called cancellations who asked my reasons for leaving so I explained the above. I was then told that tethering use will be STOPPED on the One Plan from March (now before you make the same mistake I did please note that this is NOT TRUE and has been confirmed by Three that tethering IS STAYING).

This was a big concern to me so I had to wait for an official reply from Three who looked into the matter and said there was no change to policy and tethering IS allowed.  This looked to be just someone from cancelations not wanting to have a mark against their record for the day for allowing someone to cancel but left me with a really poor experience and a concern about my phone line on something which was made up.

The problem with Three here is that even myself, a fan of the brand, a customer of a long time and someone very ‘tech savvy’  when it comes to the UK market ended a call with customer services concerned about incorrect information given.

Now Three have CS in the UK for Business customers.  Surely customers on the ‘premium’ One Plan who spend £30-£40 a month MINIMUM should have access to this centre too even as a trial with some users to see if it makes a difference.

With the UK market being so competitive these days no network can afford to lose customers, especially those spending large amounts of money because of poor customer service.

I cannot knock the network of Three, sitting here at home with average speeds over 8Mb/s due to having a HSPA+ mast near my house and the fact the network allows AYCE data is really good and does away with bill shock, plus lets customers get on with using their phone and not worry how they use it.

So thumbs up from me there!

Please feel free to comment below with your thoughts so Three can see our feedback and fingers crossed take this constructive feedback on board.