Samsung are not doing a press conference at MWC either

First of all we all heard that Samsung was planning a large event to happen at MWC at the end of the month. In previous years Samsung have chosen to introduce new things like the Galaxy S2 at MWC so this years “large event” seemed to be on a quite obvious topic.

We all assumed that the “large event” would be them announcing the Galaxy S3. A few weeks ago we started to hear rumours that Samsung would not be announcing the S3. Instead choosing to introduce some new tablets and maybe some tablet phones.

Then a few days ago we heard that Samsung would be staging a separate “large event” in March. Once again everyone assumed/hoped that it would be the announcement of the Galaxy S3. Well that rumour didn’t last long because later the same day Samsung announced that the “large event” on the 22nd of March would not be about the Galaxy S3. By this point I was starting to get bored.

Now in a further twist to the story Samsung have made the point of telling PCMAG that will not even be holding a press conference at MWC. They might just turn up and show some people some new stuff, on the quite. Definitely not a “large event”. Hopefully we will get to see whatever they decide to quietly announce, as we will be live at MWC.

So after reading the latest announcement I have really had enough of the lead up to the Galaxy S3. Yes it will be an amazing phone, yes it will sell by the millions, yes at some point this year you will be able to buy it. Samsung must be loving the attention they are getting at the moment. But I feel it is getting a little boring. Have you had enough yet?

Source – PCMAG