Galaxy SIII NOT arriving on March 22nd

Galaxy SIII NOT arriving on March 22ndA shiny new Galaxy SIII arriving on March 22nd? It turns out that no, it’s not. Well, we were a little puzzled as to why Samsung would want to launch their new phone just a couple of weeks after Mobile World Congress.

Whatever happens, Samsung must be loving this free publicity. Their Galaxy handsets are being mentioned all over the place and the excitement is building.. heck, we could even have queues outside shops at this rate, and that would be a bit ironic considering their recent advertising campaign.

Anyway… Where was I? Oh yeah. Thenextweb have news that the March 22nd event will just show off the existing portfolio of handsets, and will generally be a second chance to see the stuff they’re showing at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Link – Thenextweb