New Samsung Galaxy SII commercial pokes fun at the iPhone

New Samsung Galaxy SII commercial pokes fun at the iPhone

Handbags at the ready. This new Galaxy SII advert seems to be taking a direct swipe at the iPhone. It shows a queue of people patiently waiting for the new iPhone 4S and… well, it’s probably best to view it below :)

Samsung have actually just lost another legal battle against Apple, this time surrounding the S3 chip. Perhaps this is the only remaining way to fight Apple.

Credit – Craig M

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  • Martin

    Good advert , pretty much to the point :)
    It doesn’t really matter what the iPhones have or don’t have, they will sell in bucketloads due to the fan base.
    It is a bit like BMWs used to be, they weren’t the best in their class, pretty average and overpriced, but people bought them purely because they were a BMW.
    It’s a pity we don’t have 4g over here yet.

  • Anonymous

    It’d be better if their devices could stand on their own, without the perceived need to compare themselves to other devices in their ads. They’re inadvertently benefiting iPhones by trying to label themselves as ‘the next big thing is already here’. What they should really do is just show viewers what their devices can do — not make themselves out to be a desperate ‘me-too’ device maker.

    Gotta spend those ad dollars somehow I guess, even if it’s on forgettable advertising…

    • I think its the opposite. Samsung is showing balls to pick at apple, even when apple is dragging them through court.