White Xperia S Anti-stain demo

On Saturday Leigh posted a piece about the upcoming Xperia S and it’s “light belt” he also mentioned another feature that the Xperia S is going to have. that feature is the anti-stain shell. Sounds like a great idea. I remember my white HTC Hero got some red pen on it years ago. I cried for days about my new colour scheme. Now with anti-stain protection no more tears will be shed over phones.

The Xperia blog team have found a video of some Russians who have a white Xperia S and a marker pen. Well the outcome is in the video beneath. After about a minute it’s just a Russian guy talking about the phone so you may want to stop it after the pen demo.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRAujzqxz20′]

Source – Xperia Blog