Strange Android stuff I’ve found this week

Yes it’s Friday. Yes we have some weird stuff for you. If you really want to try these out click the app name to get to the market. Beware some may have strange permissions. Last weeks massage app needed access to your phone book! So keep your eyes peeled if you do install.

First of all what do get if you cross Siri with a piece of ghost detecting equipment? Well you get “Ghost Detector” which will helpfully let you detect ghosts in a 9 mile radius with your phone and then let you confusingly converse with them.

Someone needs to tell Yvette Fielding about this app!

Here is the market description “Talk and receive messages between the ghost using your phone’s microphone.

This app acts as a medium between you and the ghosts.

Ghosts channel messages to you through this app and you can detect ghosts around you.

This app shows a radar with lurking ghost around you and some ghosts try to talk with you, It is found that the radar range is about approximately 9 miles.

We also added an EMF entity detector which is very helpful to find ghosts, The ghosts try to control your devices magnetic and microphone sensor which is monitored by the ghost detector and shows you the possible location of the ghosts, demons,entities etc.

You can also ask questions to the ghosts and they may answer you. The ghost may not answer directly to you. you must interpret the group of words you see as an answer to your question.
Find,talk and connect to the ghosts.”

Blimey I briefly used this app and I never knew so many ghosts roamed around my office during the day. I am now constantly on the lookout for ghosts that I can have a weird non scripted single word conversations with. The market has some hilarious examples of peoples experience with this app.

“I asked if the ghost was ok and it said brown?”

“It’s scaring me but I think this is fake”

“I had a conversation with 3 ghost or Demons @ 3 am on the mornibg no lie and I had a cold wind blow threw my chest afterwards”

There are hundreds of comments, where some people really think this works.

So if you find a ghost in real life, quickly install this app and try to talk to it. Let us know how it goes.

Strange Android stuff Ive found this weekStrange Android stuff Ive found this week

Next up is “Captain Drunken: Pee at sea” now this is a mix of a weird balancing pee in a bucket gyroscope game, a weird try to pee on some Angry Birds game and a strange dress up the busty young woman game. No doubt you’ve come across this genre before. The market description is as follows.

“It’s time to PEE at SEA!

Embark on an epic ocean adventure with Captain Drunken; the legendary sailor who’s pissed across all the seven seas!

Test your aim and let ‘er fly! Take the ultimate challenge and show that you can keep your stream steady when you PEE at SEA!!

– Tilt your device to aim for the pot / toilet!
– Piss off some angry birds!
– Unlock some sexy costumes and play dress up with your bubbly first mate, Sailor Sally! Costumes include the sexy pirate suit, and sexy wet suit! More to come!

PEE at SEA! Unleash your golden treasure!”

Strange Android stuff Ive found this weekStrange Android stuff Ive found this weekStrange Android stuff Ive found this weekStrange Android stuff Ive found this week

I think I would love to have been at the development meeting for this game. I’m guessing there were three guys, all of them drunk, one wants to make an Angry Birds clone, one wants to make a game based around going to the toilet and the last guy wanted to make a game where you dress up a woman. They obviously couldn’t decide which was best and made this. I just don’t get any part of this game. Maybe dressing up the woman might appeal to some. But peeing on the Angry Birds is just odd.

Last week I found a rather weird app to turn your phone into a razor. Whilst looking in that well known section of the market marked “razor apps” I found an equally odd app called “Magnetic Shaving Derby” in which you have to shave an 8 bit pixel face with a magnet and a razor blade. But watch out though the hair grows back quickly. You have to be careful not to shave off any facial features and to avoid spots.

Your in for a treat here as they actually have a video of this game for the iphone version and here it is.

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