Nokia Lumia sales figures calculated using Facebook

Yesterday we posted an article about Nokia and how an analyst firm had decided that Nokia had sold between 800,000 and 2 million handsets globally. Well today some slightly more solid evidence has come to light and it’s via Facebook of all places.

All Windows Phone handsets have a Facebook client, and figures have come out that say that 1.3 million people “regularly use” it. This sits in the middle of the guess from the analysts. There could be more people who have one, they may just not like Facebook. Maybe we can help fill the gap. Do you have a Nokia Lumia 800? Do you use the Facebook app? If not please get in touch in the comments below. Help us fill in the missing sales figures.

Perhaps the most worrying bit of information is the fact that the amount of people “regularly using” the Windows Phone Facebook client has only risen by 300,000 since November, and that’s after a rather massive advertising push from Microsoft and a Nokia for the Lumia handsets.

Hopefully one day soon Nokia might actually release some figures. I guess they are busy confusing everyone with the name and release date for the next Lumia.

Source – Channel Register

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