Why we are against SOPA

Today a lot of sites have “gone dark” to highlight the possible consequences of SOPA, aka the “Stop Online Piracy Act”. In certain cases, it could allow the US Government to take action against any site, no matter where that site is based. It is also leaves almost no room for argument, stating that if you “facilitate” file sharing then you could be in breach. Basically, that could mean any site with a upload function. The responsibility for all this falls on the website owner, so by merely allowing comments with am image upload feature you could effectively be “facilitating file sharing” and the US Government can come after you, just because the site is accessible from America.

There’s an article you should read about this here which explains the bill in it’s current form. Please give it a look.

I’ve worked and enjoyed the internet for many years. It was originally setup to be a self-healing network which would allow the sharing of ideas and research. This bill is badly written and the ham-fisted carpet-bombing is very, very wrong. If you are a US resident, go to Google now and sign their petition. Let’s make our opinion known before voting starts on February 24th.

Links – MashableGoogleAmericanCensorship.org