Has HTC Spoilt Your Device?

Use the Car Panel much on your HTC Device?

Has HTC Spoilt Your Device?

It looks like, with the Android 2.3.5 and Sense 3.0 update on the Desire range HTC have changed the Car Panel app so it points to their Premium Navigation app. I know that this was a popular feature with many people but you may need to find an alternative. Should they have done this?

Got your update? Let us know in the comments if you still have the app or if you can help find a way for those without it to now get it back.

Source: XDA-developers

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  • I can’t say I ever used the car home. Google’s Navigation app is all I’ve needed in the car. 

    I do think Sense 3 is a massive improvement over 2.5 though – enabled me to ditch a number of apps and really enjoying the upgrade on my Desire HD. 

    • jplafleur

      Google Navigation is fine, but when you go to an area where there is no service, or you must pay for data, a turn-by-turn nav program that pre-loads maps is a must. When I travel to the US (From Canada), I need to use Premium Navigation, because I have all the maps on my microSD card.

  • Gpfanuk

    I run a Desire HD and lost the car panel completely after the software upgrade. The really annoying aspect of this is that I had paid a premium for the genuine HTC car kit, and one of the main promoted features was that when connected it automatically launched the car kit. With me actively going against the default iphone option (I work for Vodafone by the way!) unless this is sorted it will be another nail in the coffin for free thinking…

  • Theres plenty of others on the market – can I suggest the following:

    Check out Car Home Ultra on the Android Market! https://market.android.com/details?id=spinninghead.carhome

    As I used to run a carpc I can defo say this is not a bad app.


  • Eddie

    the Carpanel hasnt gone completely, its now under the locations app, I bought a perpetual license but warning! the license is tied into the IMEI and Serial number so if you’ve had your HTC device replaced, you’ll have to call them up to re-sync.

  • Chriscandlin

    I am well and truly pissed off with this, my phone , in my eyes is now rendered u/s for my job and for me HTC have well and truly shot themselves in the foot. I will ditch this phone and buy an I Phone.

    Even after paying the navigation fees Car panel will not remain on display, this is a total disregard of customers rights in my view. HTC you wont get my money anymore and I will tell anyone I can how S**T you are