Apple – That Just Takes The Biscuit!

Apple   That Just Takes The Biscuit!

Oh come on! After a few weeks of not being able to use my iPhone 4S at my new place of work because the building is located in a ‘dodgy’ 3G signal area and with 3G being “priority” on the 4S I’ve struggled to make and receive calls since I started. I’ve tried various networks, had a nightmare keeping my number with the new networks, I finally found a network that works. Although expensive, it does work without fail and now, Apple decides to add the ‘Enable 3G’ switch in the new iOS 5 beta 3. What’s all that about? Have you struggled with 3G on the 4S and voiced your opinions so Apple can hear? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Sean Dale

    Is that just the 4s? Because on my iPhone 4, that switch has never left.

    • William D

      yes., just the 4S

  • Anonymous

    I always have a good signal at work, home, and everywhere around and between.  I’ve traveled to a couple cities where that hasn’t been the case, and it quickly becomes frustrating.

  • Anonymous

    Sure. What on earth is this article about? One minute you rant about dodgy 3G, then you say you’ve found a network that works (but haven’t said which? and then out of nowhere say Apple have added a new 3G option.

    What’s this article about? I presume this new option has helped you make 2G calls, correct? I’ve never owned an iPhone but that should be assumed from the outset.

    • ItemSize

      Shut up, troll.

      • Anonymous

        I’m not trolling, the article genuinely makes no sense. Those were serious questions.

  • Out of interest which network does your iPhone 4S work fine on?

  • Simon

    My god, you must REALLY want to use an iPhone to put up with that much hassle.