O2 BoostBox Review & Setup

UK network O2 have a new product in testing and that is a Femtocell.  If you do not know what one of these is then consider it a portable mast you plug into your home WiFi network to give you fill 3G signal all around your house even if you got poor or no signal in the past. Andrew has already done a great review of the unit here, so I figured it would be good to add a video overview too.

This product is currently in trial stage with O2 who are looking into rolling it out for Businesses soon and hopefully if enough people register interest then normal personal customers might be able to pick one up.

Thanks to O2 for the BoostBox..

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXnk8SLc2bw’]

O2 BoostBox Review & Setup

O2 BoostBox Review & Setup

O2 BoostBox Review & Setup

O2 BoostBox Review & Setup

O2 BoostBox Review & Setup

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  • Anonymous

    Do T-Mobile sell one of these? To clarify this will give you full voice signal, not just full 3G data signal correct? Thanks.

    • Dan Carter

      These are for normal use so calls/texts/data over the 3G network.  T-Mobile dont supply them, they were in testing i heard when I worked there but then as far as I know nothing has come from it so far.

  • Link to other BoostBox Review –  http://www.coolsmartphone.com/2011/11/24/hands-on-o2-boostbox/ 

  • Tebs

    Thanks for the video Dan. 

    I really hope that O2 roll these out to the general public. I live in some flats in North Leeds and have a great signal outside but when i am in my living room, my signal drops to 1 or 2 bars. I can imagine that a lot of people have this problem and a Boost Box would be the perfect solution.

  • About time O2 woke up to the fact their signal isn’t reliable. Vodaphone Sure Signal has been up and running for sometime O2 really should get ahead of the curve and roll their boost box ASP to everyone who wants one.

  • about time other networks started testing femto cells. i love my vodafone suresignal.

  • Anonymous

    I HOPE it isn’t using femtocell technology.. the new KA sat internet system from Tooway DOES NOT work with Vodafone’s model – We CAN use Orange Signal boost.

    The folks with poor / no cellular coverage tend to be the VERY people who need a Tooway system – as they get VERY poor / no ADSL / cable capability :( 

    I DID try to get on the trial, as I’ve installed HUNDREDS’s of these internet systems…but :( 

  • Phil

    Looks great, I could really do with one of these now !! I spoke to o2 they said release in the summer, or might make April final checks, which is good news, however the price was ballparked at £150 , which is very bad news when Voda phones “sure signal” sells at £50. Also would be good to know the area of coverage , sure signal = 30 sq meters, adiquate for any standard 3 bed semi.
    On the web you can get 80 sq meters for around £100, ask you self the question,do you want to supply next door for free as well !!! So always consider the coverage.
    I will definatly buy one of these if the price is right.

  • Michael Mccandlish

    Thanks for the video! I have poor reception at home and have previously complained to o2 about it so it is definitely something I would use at home.

  • Bmk 1

    Hi I could really do with one of these, I have suffered with rubbish reception for ages, O2 have looked into it but say I should be getting full service but thats only when I go outside of my house. When I am indoors its very patchy at best when making calls and find I can only text or use email from the phone!!! Please tell me how I can get one of these!!!

  • Kath

    i have just ordered one of these they are out now :)

    • George

      where did you get it from?

  • Joshua

    kath, where did u get the boost box from?? i need 1!!!!

  • Cmosw

    At last !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have been an O2 platinum for years and the only problem for myself and partner is the home signal. In the mornings on the way to work we listen to voicemails left from previous night. Called O2 on numerous occassions the latest news is their working on our local mast. Having now seen this video can`t wait to call them.Yes Kath was it easy to get ?

  • Nothing

    HUZZAH for that !!

  • David

    Thanks for the review, Dan, ’twas very useful (if a little long-winded & could do with an edit / better prep!), but that’s just my perfectionist streak coming out :-)  

  • Smitherz87

    Same story for me got really bad signal in my house. A Boostbox is something i would get if available.

  • Martin

    would really like one of them as i live in a rural area and have a bad signal,i have to stand at the bottom of the garden to use my phone  

  • O2 now have them available.
    I have ordered one and it is due for delivery later this week. 

  • joshua

    where did you order it from martin??? i need 1 as well!

    • I ordered mine through Welcomm Ltd who look after our company O2 phones. (They are “an O2 Centre of Excellence partner” whatever that means!)
      It might be relevant that I am a business user – maybe the Boostbox is not yet available to all users?
      Worth a call though :-)

  • Mudassirul Waris

    my phone is o2, where i work there is no signal and no wifi either, i’m gonna get my self a mifi, is it possible for O2 to make an app  that does all this routing business through wifi on the phone with an android phone that has been “rooted” i.e. super user access

  • Boost

    i would like to get one as i only get 2 bars at most if i cant get one by the time my contract runs out at xmas im going to move to voda as my brothers got one of theres and its great not only will i change but all my family and theres five of us so just us changings going to lose them £200 a month ???

  • paul

    may be 02 should sort their network out ?

  • matt

    Where can i get one of these from, would really help a few of my customers out!

  • Colin B

    I run a small business and ordered mine on Monday; the price (£150 plus VAT) is outrageous, particularly as I live near a main road in London and have been complaing about the poor signal for months. However, it’s a business requirement for me.

  • Angry with 02

    I have waited ages for one, vodafone charge £50. The pricing of £150.00 is outrageous…I will not be buying one for this amount, although i really need and one wanted one….O2 marketing have made a very bad judgement error charging 3 times more than vodafone.

  • stephen

    good video… would be very interested if priced in line with competitor… may consider changing

  • Joshua

    Can somebody, anybody please tell me which website or shop that you purchased the boost box. So many keep saying that they have bought it! It would be nice to know where!!

  • Bill Mc

    I have been without a signal for 27 years and now they say they are not releasing them during the Olympics. I have a Sure Signal £50 but O2 version is £150 but I really need one. Anyone know what radius it works over as my office is 30 m from the rest of my house?

  • Just spoke to O2 – this box still not available and they don’t know when it will be.

  • JP

    Just had one of these delivered, and all is working great, we used to have to go to the top floor of a three story house to get a couple of bars signal and no 3G, and with this device, i have a full bars and 3G..;-)
    It needs to be plugged into the router as per the video, so is using femtocell technology. The price of the unit is a little steep at £150, but O2 have always been good at charging!!

  • Angry O2 Customer

    They’re sending me one tomorrow (I’m not a business customer) because of the awful signal I have at the house. I was told it was £180 but they’d half the price for me to £90. Outrageous still, seeing as it was the only solution to THEIR problem!. Managed to haggle them down to £40!

  • Sebastian

    I would potentially use one as a PAYG customer.