Scan Me – Barcode Yourself

So we have all seen the QR codes for links to websites or apps. They basically are a two dimensional barcode that can contain a hyperlink or other info. I have scanned them in the past to get a link to a website from a poster, to get an email address from a poster and predictably to get a phone number from a poster. I always felt that QR codes could do more. ScanMe have come with a service to do exactly that.

Have a look at this video it outlines what ScanMe can offer you.

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You can set up your unique code on their website. Which unfortunately is one of those Facebook login type sites. But once you are logged in you can create a code that contains, Twitter links, Facebook links, Linkedin links, email addresses, phone numbers and website links. I have set up a code for myself which you can scan with your phone using a barcode reader app such as this one (Android) and it will take you to a custom web page with links to various bits of info all about me. This would be really handy for students, business men or avatars for various site like Twitter. You could use it as your picture and your friends could track down your other info from it. They even have a social element to it where you are ranked by the number of scans you have. So scan my code A LOT.

There is also a range of clothing you can buy with your code printed on it. I like this idea. Imagine going to a big event and people are able to scan you to follow you on Twitter or to get your email address. Cool stuff really. Also there is an iPhone app that lets you manage the whole code through your phone. Apparently there is an Android version coming soon.

Scan Me   Barcode Yourself


Links – ScanMe – Apple App Store