Nokia Lumia battery issues to be addressed

Got yourself a Nokia 800? If you read our review and bought yourself one then you might have a few battery issues. We’ve not been swamped with emails moaning about it, but Nokia have confirmed that there’s a potential problem…

On Monday 12 December some of our customers started to comment in various social media that the preloaded diagnostics tool in some of the Nokia Lumia 800 phones was showing lower battery capacity than expected

We immediately started to investigate these reports and can now confirm that while the battery itself is fine, a software problem on certain variants is limiting the phone’s ability to access the full battery capacity.

The planned software update in early 2012…will also include a fix that will enable the affected phones to access the total battery capacity.

According to the Pocket Lint you can test whether you’re affected by dialling ##634# – after choosing “Battery Status” you should see that the full charge capacity is no less than 1000mAh.

Link – Pocket Lint
Credit – Charlie