Microsoft dishing out free Windows Phones to “Droidrage” sufferers

Microsoft dishing out free Windows Phones to Droidrage sufferers
Remember those text message issues on Windows Phone? If we’re honest there’s not a massive chance of your phone getting trashed, but the possibility of your Messaging Hub going AWOL is possible.

So why, we may ask, are Microsoft mocking Android malware victims? The marketing stunt is running on Twitter, with BenthePCGuy – a “Windows Phone evangelist” – dishing out five Windows Phone devices to Android virus victims. One of the tweets in question reads

Do you have #droidrage from Android malware? Tell me your story…and I might upgrade you to a #windowsphone!

There’s another similar tweet here. Now that’s pretty bad timing if you ask us, and a bit below the belt too.

Link – The Register
Credit – Jonathan Prior

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  • Rooster

    Quite…..people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones and all that!

  • Guest

    Well I hate to say it but when the situation is reversed where Apple, Google or anyone else for that matter are mocking Microsoft nobody says anything. Remember the Mac vs PC adverts? We don’t even know for certain that anyone high up in Microsoft gave approval for this promotion