Mobile Internet Radio, without the Mobile Data Charges

Mobile Internet Radio, without the Mobile Data Charges
I love listening to radio on my Android phone. It’s great, and I’ve found a number of online radio stations that are either exclusive to the internet or broadcast in an area I’m not in. TuneIn Radio has been an app I’ve used for a good while now. It’ll give you access to 50,000 stations and a massive amount of on-demand streams.

This is all good, but you need WiFi. We tried using it on the move using a mobile network and, if you’re going to use a good-quality 128k stream, it racks up 60MB per hour, which is 1MB a minute. As we mentioned in our earlier article, that means that 2 hours a day will use aound 600MB per week (based on 5 days). So… what to do?

Well, for just 61p you can get TuneIn Radio Pro. This adds a magic record function, so you can plug in your phone at home, turn on your WiFi, record yourself a few hours of your favourite station, then go out and listen to it anywhere with absolutely no mobile data charges.

A simple “Recordings” tab is added and it too uses about 60MB for a one hour show. That’s 1MB per minute, but this time it’s not coming out of your mobile data allowance.

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Mobile Internet Radio, without the Mobile Data ChargesMobile Internet Radio, without the Mobile Data Charges

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  • Craig

    Good idea I suppose but in this day and age we want to listen to things as and when they happen. Perhaps some shoutcast stuff would be pretty good.

    I already had TuneIn and didn’t know about this!!  Cheers Gears!

    • Anonymous


      Yeah, if you get the right data plan and have good coverage there’s no reason not to listen live. :)

      Leigh Geary

  • Anonymous

    My solution is all you can eat data on Three… that said, you’re still at the mercy of the coverage and available bandwidth (and recording gives you the ability to timeshift).

  • Zulqar Cheema

    A bit misleading this headline as I assumed they had found a way around the system and not come up with an old idea could recording

    is this not podcasting or recording on your old cassette tapes and playing in your car, as you have no radio?  reminds of an Add I saw in Dubai many years ago, basically saying that they had now made a VHS player that doesn’t just play but now records as well, despite that fact recorders had been about for over 10 years