Expansys offer up the XXSIM

Remember that XXSIM review we did ? Well, despite the sound of the it these SIM cards are ideal for the seasoned traveller and holidaymaker alike. It offers free incoming calls in over 122 countries and slashes the cost of outbound calls.

So what’s new ? Well, now Expansys are selling them too. They’ve sent us a lovely press release but it’s pretty simple – you just pay £10.99 and then top-up as you go. If you want to know more, just have a look at our review or check out this video overview.

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EXPANSYS XXSIM – Call abroad without any roaming charges!

With EXPANSYS, roaming charges are a part of history

Going home for the holidays? Traveling abroad for business? Or simply going on a vacation somewhere warm while Europe is enveloped in snow and cold weather? Whatever your reason for traveling, one thing remains certain: high telephone bills are every traveler’s worse nightmare. Sure, it is nice if you have the good fortune of the company you work for covering your expenses, but wouldn’t it be great to avoid the astronomical costs altogether? Now you can, with EXPANSYS XXSIM cards.

And what exactly are the EXPANSYS XXSIM cards? Aside from being the perfect mobile solution for companies and individuals alike, they’re easy to use prepaid GSM SIM cards that enable travelers to drastically reduce their mobile phone bills. With the XXSIM you can save up to 85% on all outgoing calls, while incoming calls are completely free in over 122 countries including USA, Canada, UAE, Ukraine, Russia, etc.

Are you more of a texter than a caller? Not a problem, the XXSIM takes care of that too. You can send and receive text messages from over 190 countries and because this is a prepaid SIM card no monthly charges apply.

XXSIM’s main features:

Free incoming calls in more than 122 countries
Internet access and enabled GPS
Worldwide use: the XXSIM can be used in over 190 countries including USA and Canada
Prepaid; no monthly fees
Access to all local GSM/3G networks in most countries
Free calls to XXSIM; place calls to your XXSIM phone # by toll free phone # in some countries*
The possibility of a local fix phone # for corporate customers (under conditions)
Free SMS: send free SMS texts via your XXSIM account