Archos G9 tablets to get Ice Cream Sandwich

Yesterday Charbax from Archosfans posted a video of an upcoming update for the current range of G9 tablets. This update is to Ice Cream Sandwich, the tablets currently run on Honeycomb and we reviewed the Archos 80 G9 here. Hopefully once the update is out we will look at if the tablet is better or worse.

This video looks like the tablet is going to be really smooth and if they release this update to all four of the tablets they will really be a bargain then. Apparently the update is due for Q1 2012 so it could be ages before we see this. Knowing Archos they will probably be later rather than sooner by which time Acer and Asus will have their new shiny ICS tablets out and the Archos update will go totally unnoticed. Anyway here is the video and I’m sure you will agree it does look rather nice.

Source – Archosfans

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