Samsung Galaxy Nexus volume bug fix.

It has been mentioned over the last couple of days that Samsung will be pushing out an update over the air to fix the strange volume bug that was present at release on the Galaxy Nexus. As always with OTA updates various people say they have had it already, various websites report it, yet most people have to wait weeks for it to appear. The carriers tend to interfere and slow things down as well. As to whether this will be the case again who knows.

In the meantime though a clever person over at Modaco has acquired the OTA update, repackaged and made it available for you to download and apply yourself. You will need to have an unlocked bootloader and understand how fastboot works to be able to install it,

As always with this sort of tinkering if you break your device then it’s your fault, so be careful. Paul also has some patches for backlight issues and a root solution linked in the thread also. So let us know how you get on and if you have had an OTA update yet.

Link – Modaco

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