Do you own a Galaxy Nexus? Are you having problems?

Last week the Samsung Galaxy Nexus was released. Phones 4u and various networks all made a lot of fuss about having them in stock and then when it came to it, they seemed to not have that many phones to sell. Phones 4u also increased the price of sim free devices as no one wanted to buy them on contract. They have agreed to give people some money back if this applies to you. See HERE

But this doesn’t seem to be the biggest problem. Over the weekend it has been reported that a bug to do with the volume controls has been found, they are calling it the SAV Ghost which stands for Self Aware Volume Ghost. The volume apparently is said to be seen to just turn itself right down and then not let you turn it back up.

There is also the flash problem. Adobe have not updated the current mobile flash player to be compatible with Android 4.0 either. Will they ever update it? Probably I would guess. Other notable apps such as the BBC iPlayer also have not been updated. The Android 4.0 SDK was released weeks ago so there shouldn’t really be any excuse for this.

Various sites are reporting that these bugs will possibly stop other networks such as Vodafone from selling the device and also that it might delay the US launch. Who knows? This is all just speculation. One thing I do wonder though is whether all of these “problems” are being reported to knock the shine off a new astounding device that will no doubt sell well. The volume bug will more than likely fixed quickly with an update from Samsung and flash might be fixed soon. So it’s not really the end of the world. It’s not like Samsung made the device with an antenna that doesn’t work if you “hold it wrong” now is it?

So do you have a Galaxy Nexus? Have you seen any of the reported bugs? Are you bothered? Are you crying yourself to sleep at night because you don’t have flash?

Source – Pocket Lint – XDA