Do you own a Galaxy Nexus? Are you having problems?

Last week the Samsung Galaxy Nexus was released. Phones 4u and various networks all made a lot of fuss about having them in stock and then when it came to it, they seemed to not have that many phones to sell. Phones 4u also increased the price of sim free devices as no one wanted to buy them on contract. They have agreed to give people some money back if this applies to you. See HERE

But this doesn’t seem to be the biggest problem. Over the weekend it has been reported that a bug to do with the volume controls has been found, they are calling it the SAV Ghost which stands for Self Aware Volume Ghost. The volume apparently is said to be seen to just turn itself right down and then not let you turn it back up.

There is also the flash problem. Adobe have not updated the current mobile flash player to be compatible with Android 4.0 either. Will they ever update it? Probably I would guess. Other notable apps such as the BBC iPlayer also have not been updated. The Android 4.0 SDK was released weeks ago so there shouldn’t really be any excuse for this.

Various sites are reporting that these bugs will possibly stop other networks such as Vodafone from selling the device and also that it might delay the US launch. Who knows? This is all just speculation. One thing I do wonder though is whether all of these “problems” are being reported to knock the shine off a new astounding device that will no doubt sell well. The volume bug will more than likely fixed quickly with an update from Samsung and flash might be fixed soon. So it’s not really the end of the world. It’s not like Samsung made the device with an antenna that doesn’t work if you “hold it wrong” now is it?

So do you have a Galaxy Nexus? Have you seen any of the reported bugs? Are you bothered? Are you crying yourself to sleep at night because you don’t have flash?

Source – Pocket Lint – XDA

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  • Anonymous

    Lot’s of people are regretting their purchase of this device :(

  • Scott Spence

    none of this bothers me

    People like to bitch though ;)

    The headphone jack in the bottom of the device winds me up

  • Scott Spence

    I regret nothing about buying this device, i was fully aware of the specs when i bought it

    There are people on xda complaining that they cant live with no external storage?? Dont buy it then!

  • Sajjid Begg

    Im not sure what people are regretting their purchase of this device. Many people who have seen the handset really like it. Yep I have noticed the glitch in the ‘auto adjusting volume’ it hasnt been a problem for me…so far anyway. Used the phone in a noisy environment(supermarket) without any issues of having to adjust the volume. Is Flash really a problem? I’d rather not have it and let developers fully focus on intergrating HTML5 into their code, isnt that the future? I dont think carriers will stop carrying it for the reasons identified. Another possible issue I have noticed is the screenshot image it is a really low resolution image and it appears to be a .png file and when uploaded on sites like Google+ looks really rubbish. This is uploading over wifi so the mobile network isnt compressing it not sure if anyone else has seen this but other people on G+ have noticed it.

  • Richard Hogarth

    Still waiting for mine from P4U, ordered Thursday around midday but no sign of it yet.

    • Sajjid Begg

      Did you go with O2? I ordered mine Thursday (5pm) with O2 and it was with me on Friday pm…I must have been lucky! lol

      Edit: I didnt order through P4U…I went direct with O2 sorry if my comment mislead to think that I got mine from P4U.

    • Jamesjcannon83

      i ordered mine thursday mid day, no sign of mine either

  • Craig

    I have to say I’m a bit shocked.  With the Nexus One (which I own), Google and HTC brought a device that was cutting edge in the smartphone arena and shaped the path of Android devices from that point forward.

    However it seems successive devices bearing the Google branding have failed to offer similar wow factors.  The Nexus S, and Motorola Xoom, and now the Nexus Prime all suffer the same inadequacies.  I’ll be putting up a post about it shortly.

    I’m just still in shock really.

  • Pete Jago

    I tried to transfer some music to my Galaxy Nexus and, since then, it’s been crashing, seemingly randomly (it seemed a little glitchy, before then). I now can’t write anything to memory, can’t remove files remotely (even if I delete them, it says they’re deleted, but then the files show again, the next time I look) can’t change settings and it even resists a hard reset (it goes through the reset, then when it loads up, everything is still there, at the point where the problems started – no new data can be written to memory). It’s completely faulty and isn’t usable as a phone, for more than a minute, without it crashing and restarting, unfortunately. Even if I leave it alone, it restarts, periodically. Haven’t really noticed the volume issue, but that’s probably because I can hardly use the phone. All the problems I’m having are probably actively preventing the volume issue, anyway, lol. I have noticed that my front-facing camera is at an angle, so I have to angle the phone away from me slightly, to get face unlock. Also, the rear camera is not centred. The phone is beautiful, but completely faulty. It’s so disappointing. I’m having it replaced, by O2, tomorrow. Hopefully the replacement works.

  • I can say that i am very happy with my device so far i have had it since Friday and i have only had to charge it twice which was much better going than the Galaxy Note that was nearly making it through a day at a push. yes the Volume thing can be an issue but is this not the price we pay for being early adopters. i would like to think that the Lack of flash will be dealt with in a short and sharp manner as will the Volume ghosting issue.

    For those of you who are annoyed at some of the foibles of the device then that there are other more developed devices and they will to be getting ICS in the near future.

    Just remember those that are on the cutting edge of new tech will have problems those that imitate what has been before generally don’t, do you think that all the Moon Missions by Nasa all went without a hitch?

  • I had mine yesterday. Did the required 14 hour charge. Used it today, had the 2G volume problem. Phoned P4U and registered complaint. Carried on using it as my mobile, tweaked it and made the home screen my own. Got to 1% charge so plugged it in for its 2nd charge and watched the screen go off (timed out). That was it. It’s dead it will not turn back on, will not register that its on charge. The charger is working btw.

    It just died :( P4U are replacing as soon as I get this one to them.

    That’s my experience so far.

    So far the worst Nexus phone I have had (for out of the box problems)….