Try Windows Phone, right now

Try Windows Phone, right now

Want to try Windows Phone? Want to pretend that your iPhone or Android handset has had a visit from Microsoft in the night? Want to fool you friends into thinking that you’ve added a Windows Phone 7.5 ROM on your Android?

Look no further, just type into your mobile browser right now to see what Windows Phone is like.

I must admit, it is scarily good. Queue lots of YouTube videos showing Windows Phone apparently running on various Android handsets :)

Credit – Jonathan Meers

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  • joe

    Not  for me. I would get so bored with that ui. As it is, I change the look of my Android every other week!

  • Looks good. An excellent idea to see just how Windows Phone looks and feels. Clever stuff from MS.

    Demo looks really good. If the iPhone 5 is nothing special then im sure my next phone will be a windows phone.

    Now if only they allowed Tethering and to use your device as a mass storage device (via an app would be good)

    This along with 32gb minimum for storage would mean I would seriously consider switching.

    All I hear is good press surrounding Windows Phone, how good it runs. Good stuff! Looking forward to the next chunk of Windows Phones being released!

  • Jokes

    Warning: Don’t type this URL in to your WP7 device. It will get confused and break! ….Also don’t type Google in to Google.