Three WiFi Router Review

Being registered on the Three PR list means that I often get emails about new devices. Recently one device which took my fancy was the new WiFi Hub.

Three WiFi Router Review

Three have a massive share of the Mobile Broadband market with an award winning HSPA+ network in the process of being rolled out.  They have USB modems which support this and also a MiFi device giving you mobile WiFi internet on the move. The only downside can be if you are using at home and forget to charge it.

This is where the WiFi Hub takes over and is a really handy gadget if you already have a dongle from Three but want to share your connection.

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This simple device allows you to plug your existing modem into the top, plug the hub into the wall and there you have your very own WiFi router ready to be used as you wish!.

 Three WiFi Router Review

At the front you have a row of LED lights giving you status information such as power, if you have a connection, and any security status.  There is also a 3 logo on the rotating part where you plug your modem in.

Three WiFi Router Review

At the back you have the WPS button, two Ethernet ports which mean you can plug an actual cable into the hub if you want that instead of if being wireless, you also get the power port and the on/off button.

Three WiFi Router Review

Once you rotate the head of the hub you can simply plug your modem in, for my use I have a Premium dongle which supports speeds of up to 21mb/s.  Once plugged in and powered on you need go configure the hub to allow you access.  Simply use your device to look for a wireless network and you will see the new hub in your available list, the password for this is found at the bottom of the hub on a sticker.

However you can also configure the hub by setting your own password, change the name, settings or anything you might like to do and you do this easily too.  Once connected you access with the username and password as ‘admin’ and here you get a control panel seen below.

Three WiFi Router Review

What is reapply impressive is the speeds you can get even on wireless, on average I was getting speeds of 6mb/s using the SHPA+ network with a top speed of 12mb/s depending on how busy the network is.

So for anyone happy with your own USB Dongle on Three but likes the idea of sharing the connection at home via wireless without needing to purchase a MiFi then check out the WiFi Hub which is available now in stores for £39.99 and will be available online shortly.

So far I have been using the WiFi Hub more than my own Virgin Media router at home because it just works, its quick and as I have 15GB to use in a month this is a great way to use on the laptop whilst leaving my Virgin line open for PS3 gaming to get the best PING and speed possible.

Link: Three Blog

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