How to access Google Music if you’re not in the US

Alongside the release of their new music store last week, Google also took the opportunity to take their Google Music service out of beta. I previously wrote a hands on about the service, which lets you upload up to 20,000 tracks to stream and download to your Android devices for offline playback.

Now that the service is out of beta it no longer requires an invitation to sign up, meaning anyone and everyone can get themselves some streaming goodness… provided they’re in the US.

However those of you that can spell words like colour and hypnotise correctly need not worry as there are magical methods at your disposal to sign up. The basic premise is that Google checks your IP address on initial sign up but on subsequent visits does not mind where you log in from.

Engadget has a fairly detailed guide on how to sign up for the service which you can find here. The method involves installing a program called Tor which will basically allow you to reach the Google Music login page via a US IP address. I’ve no doubt that it will work a treat but it does seem slightly convoluted although this is probably what guarantees its success.

Those of a lazier disposition may just want to try signing up via a simple proxy, the method I used back in June when I signed up. If it doesn’t work you can always follow Engadget’s guide.

However you do it, let us know what you think of Google Music in the comments.