Review – Pocket Boom Portable Vibration Speaker

I love gadgets. Any kind of gadget pretty much, and I’m interested. So imagine when I saw the blurb for this little box of tricks..  “Turn anything into a speaker!”

It works too.. which is pretty crazy. The quality of the sound depends what you’ve “turned into” a speaker, or rather more accurately what flat surface you’ve stuck it on.

The unit itself next to my iPhone. Nice and compact.

The bottom part on the above photo comes away and has a suction pad, which attaches to any flat surface. This vibrates, and causes the object to mimic a speaker. As above the mileage you get depends what it’s stuck to, but get yourself a cardboard box, and you’re in business!

The sound is terrific considering the source is so tiny. Plus you can fold a carboard box up 🙂

The Pocket Boom in use, turning my coffee table into a speaker!

My coffee table is a cheap wooden Ikea job, and using this speaker attached to my laptop, it actually improves on the audio quality my laptop is capable of.. the unit also comes with a USB cable so it can be powered by a USB port rather than two AAA batteries. You also get two replacement sticky pads, in case they wear over time.

The suction pad that attaches on, to form the “speaker”

Below is a video from MobileFun which  shows their various, and somewhat inventive uses for the device 🙂

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I would recommend this gadget for anyone that possibly travels where space is a premium, and anyone that just likes novel and funky gadgets. Part of the fun is trying out new surfaces / objects and seeing how it transforms the sound! For example, one of the best sounds I got was in the bath – obviously above the water line!

The last thing to say, is that I wrote this review on my laptop, in my kitchen, listening to ‘Hurts’ through a cardboard box.

Funny old world.

The Pocket Boom and other mobile phone speakers are available now from