HTC announce the first wave of devices to receive upgrades to Ice Cream Sandwich in early 2012.

This morning on Facebook HTC have announced a rather short list of devices that will receive an update in early 2012. The list is as follows: HTC Vivid, HTC Sensation, HTC Sensation XL, HTC Sensation XE, HTC Rezound, HTC EVO 3D, HTC EVO Design 4G and the Amaze 4G. 

So not many UK devices there and only really the current high end devices at that and no mention of the flyer which is intriguing. I can’t say I’m surprised really. Especially after the farce with the Gingerbread update for the Desire HD, Desire Z and the original Desire. I feel that HTC have too many devices to update and they will probably alienate potential buyers. This will only make people want to root their devices and install a custom rom.

So here is the link to the relevant page on Facebook. You can go and leave an angry comment and I am sure they will take note and update every device ever. Sort of like LG did last week.

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  • I see my Incredible S won’t be getting the update… too bad! :(((

  • I was advised by HTC that I needed to get a 1GHZ handset in order to make it future proof! I have a 1GHZ handset (Desire S) and its not on the list…in fact HTC seem to be changing the goal posts all the time when it comes to upgrade requirements. Anyway, I’m happy with he handset and it does what I want. Maybe they should just shut-up about upgrading and just offer it when its available.

  • Andaroo79

    i dont understand why people moan about not getting an update, its not like updates are part of you buying the device in the first place.

    • iPhone Fan

      I think that buying a phone now is a bit of an investment and people have every right to expect it to be supported with updates if available. The excuse that phones aren’t up to it due to the specs is usually rubbish which is proved by the release of custom roms by third parties. I think the manufacturers are too lazy to put the work in and want you to buy a newer phone all the time.

      • Andaroo79

        there may be a reasonable expectation for a device to receive updates, this is not guaranteed and neither does it stop the moaners who dont get them (updates)

        I remember a post by someone on this very website who spat his dummy out and vowed never to get another htc device because his desire wasnt going to get the update to gingerbread.

        incidentally, i could see very little difference between froyo and said update.

  • Patch

    just shows what HTC think of there handsets they sell you ….

    for me updates are essential to fix the bugs of the handset and to improve it as apps as tech gets better.

    If you have a 24 month contract and found out its not going to get a updated to the lastest firmware i would be pi****ed.

    Apple seem to have got this correct with there IOS (saying with greeted teeth!!!) lol

  • Gametechplus

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  • Tools

    I feel that the updates thus far to android are a little vague in the benefits department, that said HTC are again putting their customers last on the list.
    Customers should have the option to remove sense and install the latest android OS. I personally think sense makes perfect sense on most HTC phones all by itself.
    Also the direction that OS are travelling in is far too focussed upon only one faction of the marketplace, who really needs/wants a windows mobile type OS?
    I’ll stick to my Legend for a little while longer and possibly switch to a cheap Desire S.
    The new sensations are far too BIG to be used everyday as a phone.

    Tatty All

  • HTC does not stop surprising me