Coolsmartphone Recommended Android App – TexTab

Do you own a phone? Do you send text messages? Do you have a tablet? And lastly the curve ball, would you like to use your tablet to send text messages? Am I getting a little vague here?

The other week I posted an article about the HP TouchPad, I was a little excited about part of the webOS update. The part where you pair any phone to your TouchPad and you could use the TouchPad to send and receive text messages and phone calls. People were asking me if such an app existed for Android. I looked about and found this app.

TexTab is a two part app, you install it on your phone and on your tablet. It recognises which is which and sets them up accordingly. You then need to pair your tablet and phone using bluetooth. Once paired up and connected they basically share text messages. Using the app you can send and receive text messages. There is a paid version and a lite version. I have installed the lite version. Which allows you to send and receive a limited number of text messages. The paid version obviously would not have this limit. Below are a few shots of how the app works.

Coolsmartphone Recommended Android App   TexTabCoolsmartphone Recommended Android App   TexTabCoolsmartphone Recommended Android App   TexTabCoolsmartphone Recommended Android App   TexTab

The only slight problem with this app is on the tablet end of things. Any messages sent are stored in the TexTab app, on the paired phone they are stored in the messaging app. So if you are looking for your messages on your tablet you would need to remember which app to load up. Only a tiny problem for me. Also you get notifications on both devices so cue lots of beeping and vibrating if your a heavy texter. I guess this is easily remedied by putting your phone on silent, so again only a tiny problem. This app is a great idea and will no doubt help lots of people find a use for their tablets.

Market Links – Lite versionPaid version